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About Ravenbot Studio

Hello, my name is Matt Frederick and Ravenbot Studio is the online home for my current Printmaking Projects. Its physical location is my second bedroom that I've turned into a small art studio, complete with a Richeson Baby Press. If I sell enough of these prints that press may grow into a larger nicer press, but there's no rush.

Robots, Ravens and all of their accomplices are generally the subject matter of my current printmaking work. I am discovering their relations as I develop ideas and create prints. Also doing some new reading about Ravens and you'll see new prints show up that are more accurate to real life ravens.

Enjoy, feel free to drop me an email at ethernectar at mac dot com.

About Intaglio Printmaking

A family of printmaking processes that date back to the 1400’s. Mezzotint, Engraving, Etching, Aquatint and Drypoint are all Intaglio processes and revolve around the same basic forumula for creating prints.

Copper or zinc plates are incised with lines and dots. Ink is applied to the plate and then wiped from the surface. The incised lines and dots hold the ink. Dampened printmaking paper is then laid over the plate and backed with felt blankets. These layers are run through a printmaking press under high pressure and the ink is transferred from the plate to the paper.